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Booking Policy

At the time reservations are made, a rental agreement will be e-mailed to you. This copy is yours to keep. Upon delivery, we will go over the rental agreement and a signature will be required before set-up will begin. Any balance owed will be collected at this time.

We currently require at $75 deposit per unit on any rental. We accept this payment via many forms such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Cash App, and Venmo. Final payment is requested in cash in an effort to avoid transfer fees which would then be passed to the customer. We attempt to accommodate several payment methods, please contact us if you have additional questions.


Weather cancelations will be determined by us. There are weather limitations that we must adhere to for the safety of you and your guests. In the event of a weather cancelation, you will receive a full refund of your deposit or any payment made.

Cancelations greater then 14 days prior to the event will receive a full refund less any transfer fees incurred during the down payment process.

Cancelations 14 days or less to the event will receive a credit toward a future rental to occur within 12 months from the original booking date.

Example: Rental scheduled for February 15, 2022. Any cancelation occurring on February 1st or after would result in the forfeiture of your deposit which would then be held for a future rental to occur on or before February 15, 2023. If the rescheduled rental does not occur within 12 months, the deposit would then be forfeited.


Blowers are what power the inflatables and 20-amp circuit breakers, which are standard in most homes, are required for installation and set-up. We supply 150ft of extension cords to our customers. We cannot use customer supplied extension cords. We do not supply generators, however if you have a generator or wish to rent one from a local business, reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

Yard Requirements

We ask that the space upon which we will be setting up reaches our requirements. These include a flat, non-elevated surface free of pointy and sharp objects that could puncture the inflatables, pet droppings, and we also ask for the safety of our customers and your guests that there be no overhead obstructions posing risks, such as power lines and broken tree branches. A slight elevation will be okay and if you have any questions regarding elevation requirements, please call or email photos. Please note we currently only set up on grass surfaces for proper securing of the inflatables to the ground.


All of our units can be used wet depending on your needs. A 50ft hose comes attached to our units, of which about 35ft can be used to reach your water spicket. We do have some extra hoses that can be used to reach your water source, however we prefer to use your residential house. As always, if you need special accommodations just ask and we will definitely try to accommodate you!

Day of Rental

On the day of your rental you can expect a text from us when we are on our way to your residence. When we arrive, we will first make contact with you, go over the contract, and identify the area in your yard where the unit will be set up. A tarp will be put down followed by the unit. The unit will be fully staked down and the electric and water attached. A final inspection and walkthrough will be conducted with the renter prior to the unit being turned over for enjoyment. Pickup does not typically require the renter's presence as long as the yard can be accessed without assistance. It's just that simple!!!

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